Dermal fillers are designed to effectively reduce the appearance of unwanted lines, add volume and smooth out deep creases that we can see with the ageing process. Adding volume to the skin can enhance a soft and youthful look.

Skin ageing is influenced by both intrinsic and extrinsic factors. As we age Hyaluronic Acid levels decrease.

One of the main roles of Hyaluronic Acid is to work alongside collagen to retain water, nourish cells and maintain their structure.

Due to the reduction of Hyaluronic Acid we get loss of volume and elasticity of our skin. Extrinsic factors we need to consider are smoking, stress and excessive sun exposure as they speed up the biological clock. With all the ageing factors UV damage is the greatest threat.

Dermal Fillers can turn back the clock. By injecting Hyaluronic Acid we can restore skin hydration, improve volume loss, fill out line and wrinkles and give natural sumptuous lips.

Prices from £110